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Monday, August 11, 2008

Hearty congratulations to Abinav Bindra

Finally India makes a history in Olympics 2008 by grabbing a first ever gold medal in individual events. Thanks to the effort of Abinav Bindra and he becomes the first ever Indian to grab a gold medal in Olympics individual events. Chak De India

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics 2008 kicks off at Beijing

Olympics 2008 has been started yesterday with a colorful opening ceremony held at Bird's nest in Beijing. The ceremony was pretty colorful with lot of fireworks used in the opening ceremony. The Olympic torch finally carried by the Chinese gymnastic Li Ning. The opening ceremony started at August 8th at 8 pm 8 sec. this date was chosen since this type of arrangement will come on next 3008th year only. Indian team is lead by the silver medalist Rajyavarathan Singh Rathore since the only person to grab a medal for India in 2004 Olympics. This time India has sent a full fledged team to capture as many medals as possible. But until there is politics is in the sports department India will never get into the world ranking list. Lets see what happens for the next three weeks.

Friday, August 8, 2008


In this mobile world, everyone is moving very fast in their daily routine life. They need to travel from places to places. Their purpose of visit may be official or personal. If we move for an official work the amount of luggage we are going to carry will be less and a carry bags is enough for them to get all the things packed up because official works will take only one or two days only to finish our work.

On the other hand if we visit for personal use, mostly we will go to meet our relatives and friends or we might go on a jolly tour and at that time we might be going out of station for a week, on that time the amount of things we need to pack might be larger and larger carry-on might be needed. If we go on for a family tour, the size of luggage will vary. We must buy the best and cheaper ones since bags aren't a separate part from our life.